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morishJust as I said thanks to those who gave us a plug yesterday we were reviewed by Music Marketing . This is a really interesting blog that looks at the current Irish music industry and beyond. Thanks for the great review!

Apparently this fish is called a Morish idol!

Posted by Grab Radio on November 17th, 2009


  1. Conor Quinn says:

    this looks like a really great app, but it quite expensive for something we havent seen before and i suggest you have it a bit cheaper for an introductory period or have a lite version of it so people can see what its like. Hope you like my contribution.

  2. Alan O'Flynn says:

    I bought the application today on the basis that Grab Radio seem sound.
    I was disappointed to find that it provides a choice of local radio stations and some net-based stations but nothing from the national broadcaster, RTE, which is what I was really seeking.
    Come on guys, add these stations. I really wanted RTE and wouldn’t necessarily have bought the application had I known the limitation of available stations.

  3. Grab Radio says:

    Hi Conor- I take your point on the price, although we feel it’s pretty keenly priced considering the other radio apps ono the market. A lite version is something we’re looking into. Thanks for the feedback.

    Alan, we’re working diligently on getting RTE as one of our stations. At present they don’t stream out in a format we can use, but bear with us and we’ll have Tubs, Marion and the gang on Grab Radio soon enough!

  4. Grab Radio says:

    Hi Alan,

    Just wondering as one of our first customers what you think of the latest version of Grab Radio?

    Best regards,


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